Inline rocker, rotary and push switches with screw connections suitable for both two and three core cable. Suitable for switching incandescent and LED lighting. On\off and dimming switches, foot switches and desk lamp switches.

Inline Universal Roller Dimmer Switch - Various Colours

Very high quality inline dimmer switch with roller dimmer and screw terminals. These dimmers are suitable for use with all types of dimmable bulbs.   Due to the huge range... Learn More


"Vintage" Look Inline Switch

A very nice vintage looking switch suitable for use with three core wiring. These are very popular for both restoration and new work. Screw terminals for L, N & E, single pole,... Learn More


Basic Inline Switch - Various Colours

Basic inline switch with screw terminals. For both 2 and 3 core cable. Fully rewireable, screw together body. Available in black, white, gold and transparent. Learn More


Inline LED Push Dimmer Switch - Various Colours

Inline dimmer switch with screw terminals. Suitable for use with LED bulbs. Double click on\off and push to dim\brighten For two core flex only, no earth terminal High quality screw... Learn More


Black Slider Floor Dimmer Switch - Universal LED or Incandescent

A high quality electronic floor dimmer with on\off push switch and slider dimmer to allow you to keep a pre-set dimming level.   Electronically controlled for both LED and incandescent... Learn More


Basic Roller Dimmer Switch

A simple inline roller switch for two core flex for all non-LED bulbs. May work with some LED but not guaranteed. Leading edge type dimmer suitable for incandescent and halogen... Learn More


Chunky Inline Switch - Various Colours

A chunky inline switch for two and three core flex. Quality screw terminals, screw together body.  Includes earth terminal Learn More


Black Floor Switch 65mm Matt Button

High quality floor switch for two and three core flex. Screw terminals, snap together body. 65mm diameter,  32mm high Learn More


Black Press Switch

Simple push switch for lighting, fits 10mm holes. Learn More


White Ceramic Dolly Switch on Raw Wooden Pattress

A very high quality two part ceramic dolly switch perfect for period homes.   Supplied with a plain wooden pattress. Two way switch. Switch diameter 62mm x 40mm overall height... Learn More


Black Floor Switch 50mm - Gloss

High quality small floor switch for two and three core flex. Screw terminals, snap together body. 50mm diameter,  32mm high Learn More